“The Victim” Screening

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Presented by The Houston Film Critics Society and Odyssee Pictures

Join director/star Michael Biehn (The Terminator, Aliens, The Rock, Tombstone) and producer/star Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (The Crow, Dark Angel, CSI) in Houston, TX at the prestigious River Oaks Theater as they present an exclusive screening of the first official offering from Blanc-Biehn productions: The Victim.

Good time girls ANNIE (Jennifer Blanc) and MARY (Danielle Harris) find themselves in a life and death situation. Annie’s life is put in jeopardy when she is witness to a violent act at the hands of two Sheriff’s Deputies. Fleeing from ATTACKERS (Ryan Honey, Denny Kirkwood) she stumbles across KYLE (Michael Biehn), a recluse living in the middle of the woods.

The ruggedly handsome loner stays far from civilization – that is – until a single knock on his door throws his solitary life into chaos. Two worlds collide in this psychological thriller that will make you question your trust in mankind. WHO IS THE VICTIM?

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Tickets $13 online, $20 at the door.

Jacob writer and director Larry Wade Carrell featured on More

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This week Jacob writer/director Larry Wade Carrell was featured on More

Larry went on to give some great insight as to what it was like to work with Christine, Some of the challenges faced by the cast and crew during production and some history behind the legend of Jacob Kell‘s origin.  Visit the Odyssee Pictures booth this Memorial Day Weekend at Comicpalooza. Members of the cast will be on hand to sign free posters (while supplies last), and on Saturday at 6:45 pm there will be a special sneak peak  followed by a Q & A.


Fearsome car featured in Jacob

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Today the Jacob set had a very special guest star arrive. Making her second film appearance since John Carpenters Christine the Christine movie car rolled up on location in Rosenberg Texas. The Cast and crew were in awe at the beauty of the last surviving picture car fully restored to mint condition . Owner Bill Gibson said Christine was very excited to get to work on screen again.” When asked he he felt about having Christine on set Director Larry Carrell said ” It is a real honor, and kinda of surreal I mean look there is Christine in our movie somebody pinch me? “ That was really the feeling on the set shared by all.  Just a taste of things to come from Odyssee Pictures.

The Flesh Keeper on DVD

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The Flesh Keeper available on DVD

Stacy Davidson of Odyssee Pictures serves as cinematographer for director Gerald Nott’s savage blood bath The Flesh Keeper.

“Family is Everything” is the motto of the Joad brothers, a creed held so dear that the siblings will do anything to “take care of their own.” Just how far the Joads will go is something that a group of friends find out when their car unfortunately breaks down in the middle of a Texas road trip.

Hunted down and held hostage, a group of terrified travelers must endure a horrific night of torture and murder as they are forced to play a sadistic game that pits the friends against each other to satisfy the Joad family’s psychotic sense of southern hospitality.

Director Gerald Nott rejoins the cast of The Quick and the Undead for this tale of Texas terror.

The Flesh Keeper stars: Clint Glenn (The Quick and the Undead), Erin McCarthy (The Quick and the Undead), Parrish Randall (Slaughter House), Arianne Martin (Red Victoria), Dion Day (The Quick and the Undead), Morgan McCarthy (Domain of the Damned, Closet Space), Peyton Wetzel (Sweatshop, Closet Space), Jimmy Hazard (The Quick and the Undead), Toar Campbell (The Quick and the Undead).

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Stacy Davidson featured in Fangoria Magazine

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Stacy Davidson was featured in the May, 2008 issue of Fangoria Magazine! The enormous six-page spread also featured “southern-fried” horror filmmakers Mel House, Marcus Koch, Joe Davison and Gerald Nott. The feature covers five movies all involving Stacy Davidson, inlcuding Domain of the Damned (written and directed), Sweatshop (co-written and directed), Closet Space and 100 Tears (visual effects), and includes a sidebar story on The Fleshkeeper (cinematographer).

Terrifying new shocker on the way!

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While most well adjusted people have been stuffing themselves with turkey and putting up their Christmas trees, the Odyssee Pictures crew has been hard at work shooting a new retro slasher (or “smasher”) movie to utterly delight horror fanatics around the world. SWEATSHOP is based on a Ted Geoghegan (Nikos, Barricade, Fearmakers) concept. Stacy Davidson (Domain of the Damned) co-wrote and directed, and served as cinematographer. Laura Bryant is the producer, with Mel House (Witchcraft 13, Closet Space) co-producing.

The film stars Domain of the Damned alumni Ashley Kay, Naika Malveaux, Krystal “Vampirita” Freeman, and Brent D. Himes who also appeared in Mr. Hell. Joining them are Melanie Donihoo (Closet Space), Peyton Wetzel (Closet Space, The Flesh Keeper), Danielle Jones (Closet Space), Julin (Spirit Camp), and newcomer Vincent Guerrara.

Of course, you can’t make a horror omelet without breaking some skulls, so filling the shoes of the maniacal, bloodthirsty murderer known only as “The Beast” is Jeremy Sumrall, who many horror convention goers may know as proprietor of the horror merchandise boutique Necrobilia.

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Texas Horror Triple Threat

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Texas studios Odyssee Pictures and Upstart Filmworks (Closet Space) have joined forces with Nott Entertainment (The Quick and the Undead) to film Gerald Nott’s next vision of pure terror in Texas. Although the title is still under wraps, we can tell you that it will feature Gerald Nott as writer/director, Odyssee’s Stacy Davidson as cinematographer, and Upstart’s Mel House as production manager & 2nd unit director. The movie will be shot in HD, and filming is set to begin in September.

According to Davidson: “This is one f&@%ed up flick. After I read the script, I had to take a shower. It’s sick, it’s demented, I think Gerald should be locked up for writing it, and I can’t wait to help him put it on screen.”

Stay tuned for details!